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Introduction to the Public-Democracy interactive video polling App for Smart Devices.

New Pathways in Politics

There is a great need for change in current political processes and the inefficiencies that lead to flawed outcomes. Across the globe there are hung parliaments and a sense of cynicism among voters who feel disempowered by distant goverment.

Introducing an Interactive On-Line Platform for Politicians and Constituents, Organisations and Members, offering direct, un-mediated feedback. Low-Cost Instant Response Video based Polling for a more agile and responsive democracy.

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Public Democracy


The Public Group is an organisation supporting elected representatives in their mission to be responsive to and informed about the opinions, needs and wishes of their constituents. The Public Group have developed and support the online platform Public-Democracy - cutting edge communication technology which can turn your database into a powerful tool for connecting with, engaging with and measuring your demographics and allow you to monetize your membership or fanbase.. The Public Group have acquired one of the largest databases (114 million verified users)  in the USA enabling access to over half the voting age population. Apart from it's primary focus of using digital connectivity technology to enhance the democratic process, the Public Group has identitifed a range of other channels in which their innovative product and Big Data asset can be utilized including sporting groups, unions and other large membership based organisations.


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Harnessing technology for responsive interactions with target demographics..

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