Controlling Your Story

Media Bias: The Problem and the Solution. Political success is heavily dependent on the lines and methods of communication between politicians and their constituents. The media outlets are main players and more often than not are in control of which messages get airtime and in what light any communication or media release is presented. Often a message can be totally ignored or heavily distorted by the way it is aired. Conversely once a message is out, it is very difficult to gauge who actually viewed or read the contents and how it is perceived. We have the Solution. [...]

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The Benefits

In recent years the emergence of Social Media as a new force in society has driven revolution. It has become part of our everyday lives. Harness the power of connectivity. Here we offer a summary of the benefits of using the Public Group's smartphone APP. [...]

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There are many variations

The Public-Democracy mobile app and platform  for voter or membership connectivity and engagement is the way of the future for closely monitored realtime reactions and feedback to policy and decision making. There are many variations on the way the App can be implemented for licencess depending on their unique requirements. [...]

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