Media Bias & Fake News

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Some comment from our Social Media feeds. Click an image to see it full size in a light-box



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Recognising Trends in Political Engagement

Most constituents can't even identify their representatives, let alone keep track of the myriad issues in far off bastions of political power. Public-Democracy is a new mobile app that has great potential to change that. [...]

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The Public Democracy App is a smart, user-friendly and effective iPhone and Android app which is a valuable interactive communication tool for all campaigns, both nationally and internationally. For politicians looking to inform the public and gain support, the idea is simple: deliver reliable information straight to your voters and constituents - and let their fingertips do the rest.

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Engage with Youth

Evidence suggests people under 30 are disenchanted with electoral politics and feel little connection with political parties. For instance in Asutralia Asylum seekers, climate change and same-sex marriage are clearly the issues the young care about most. And they are engaging en masse with political issues in ways that transcend parliamentary politics. They want politicians to grow up. [...]

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